Dear Subway

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To Customer Services and Sales Management at Subway,

From personal experience frequenting Subway stores in several states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado, it has become apparent that the use of plastic bags by the Subway franchise may pose a concern to the environment. The official Subway website claims that 2,800 sandwiches are sold every 60 seconds in just the United States alone (not including the 90 other countries where Subway does business). That means hundreds upon hundreds (if not thousands) of plastic bags are being distributed every 60 seconds by Subway employees. A plastic bag is given to each customer regardless if they are "dining-in" or "taking-out". Furthermore, when a customer stays at subway to eat their sandwich, they are not given the option to recycle their plastic bags afterwards because only a regular garbage bin is available to customers. Therefore, many of those plastic bags are used for merely a few minutes and then thrown directly into the waste bin destined for a landfill or the ocean.

Plastic poses a threat to the environment because it does not biodegrade easily and quite often it ends up in our water systems through careless transportation practices. Plastic is known to absorb toxic chemicals such as PCBs. When the plastic has broken into smaller parts, marine life often consumes the pieces along with the toxic chemicals. Even when the plastic does not reach the ocean it still poses a threat; thousands of birds are killed yearly from entanglement and complications from the consumption of plastics.

One way to curb the threat of plastic to the environment is to cut down on our plastic use overall. It is my experience that Subway restaurants distribute a large quantity of plastic bags to customers who are not given the option to recycle. Therefore, Subway could be a huge help in the reduction of plastic consumption if the franchise were to either stop offering plastic bags to dine-in customers or, at the very least, make plastic recylcing available to those dining-in. This could even work to Subway's advantage, producing an advertising campaign targeted at those concerned about "green living".

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jayna G.
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In the meantime, all of you reading this should consider requesting not to receive a plastic bag when you go to Subway (whether you're staying there to eat or not). And hey, might as well do the same thing at other stores as well like gas stations and the grocery store! Subway is just one place that over uses plastic.


Arthur Gelsinger said...

I think discussions of this type all too often fail to provide a practical course of action in response to the issue at hand. One person refusing a plastic bag may not add up to much, but imagine if 2,800 people did the same thing every minute of every day! You are correct that this would cut down on plastic waste enormously while saving Subway (and other businesses) money in the process. Way to offer a concrete solution to our overconsumption of plastics!

okjimm said...

//requesting not to receive a plastic bag when you go to Subway//

and... consider NOT going to Subway. I have heard that iffen you take a couple pieces of bread, some mayo or mustard.... some tuna or chicken or salami... You can MAKE your own sandwiches! ( but it IS a good post... and the application works at any fast food or take-away sandwich shop. Plastic or paper bags!)

Jayna said...

wait... "make" a sandwich? This concept is insane! ;-) Fuckers still shouldn't use so many plastic bags.

Thanks for reading!

Liberality said...

We have a Subway in the small town I live in so I will forward this letter to the owners personally.

P.S. I make my own sandwiches like OKJimm states :))

Mindbender said...

As much as I could probably could make a sandwich everyday that I wanted one, sometimes life can get so busy that the convenience option is great to have. I make my own and sometimes I get one made for me. Either way there are more subways than any other fast-food chain in the world. So even if some of us make sandwiches for ourselves everyday, it's still not going to make any difference to the thousands that are made every hour by subway. If a difference is to be made, this is the way to go about it, writing letters to subway and spreading the message of opting out of receiving a plastic bag for your sandwich, rather that telling people to make their own. Even if you do make your own, your probably creating more plastic waist then you would if you were to get one at subway. Think about the plastic packaging for your bread, meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments. All packaged in plastic!

Better yet, go down the street to the local deli or sandwich shop, they buy things in bulk, less plastic and it's supporting a local business.


okjimm said...

oh yeah....What MBender said...local deli or sandwich shop,....... If I go to the New Moon and ask them to wrap a sandwich or not wrap a sandwich.... I get it MY WAY!!

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